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Education: JC Short Course


The Education Sub Committee led by the IBTA Education Officer was formed to develop links with education and specifically to develop a Junior Cycle (JC) Short course.

In junior cycle, six indicators have been identified as central to students’ wellbeing: Active, Responsible, Connected, Resilient, Respected and Aware. Dance education provides learning opportunities which contribute to each of these wellbeing indicators.

The course is delivered by qualified dance teachers working in partnership with schools, with the key resource requirement being a hall and a liaison teacher within the school.

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The JC Short Course

Creative Dance and Movement: communicating and collaborating for physical and personal development

In this short course, students learn to appreciate the importance of regular health-enhancing physical and creative activities and to make informed choices about how to include physical and creative activities as part of a healthy lifestyle. Such informed choices are key to the development of lifelong habits. Student-centred teaching and learning, where students have control over creative choices, is an important aspect of the course. The course introduces basic dance and movement activities which are teacher-led and these form the foundation of the student-led individual and team activities.

The course is delivered in four sequenced strands:

Strand 1

Dance & Movement Basics

  • The basics of dance & movement
  • Development Of Strength, Flexibility, Co-ordination & Agility
Strand 2

Dance & Music Appreciation

  • Exploring Music & Movement
  • Appreciating Different Types & Styles Of Music
Strand 3

Creative Choreography

  • Understanding How To Create Movement
  • Developing Creative Outcomes
  • Peer Working, Observation & Reflection
Strand 4

Creative Team Project

  • Exploring Choreography As A Team
  • Creative Performance Environment
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Launch of the JC Short Course

On July 21st, the JC Short Course was launched via a Press Conference with Minister for Education, Norma Foley T.D.

Trials of the short course will begin in September 2023, Meán Scoil Nua an Leith Triúigh in Co.Kerry and Presentation College, Athenry in Co.Galway will be two of the schools involved in the trials.

The full short course will begin in schools in September 2024.

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Members will have access to downloadable resources such as lesson plans and worksheets.

These will be uploaded upon completion of the trial in January 2024 ready to support qualified teachers supporting schools in the delivery of the short course.